Everybody is aware of the old chestnut, “a image is value cardinal words”, however what if you’ll be able toadd actual words to the image, would not it’s value more? several people take photos and share them to relations or friends and there is sometimes a story behind every image. we have a tendency to get galvanized to require photos as a result of there was one thing within the moment that captured our eyes whether or not it had been one thing funny, uncommon or sudden. the most effective stories area unitattended with photos and would not it’s nice if you’ll be able to enhance these photos with words that tell precisely what you were thinking or feeling at the moment? Well currently you’ll be able to due to a mobile app referred to as Snapchat.

How You Can Make Your Memories Admirable With Snapchat ?
How You Can Make Your Memories Admirable With Snapchat ?

Save every Moment within the “story” feature

So you are out and regarding and walking around in your new surroundings (it’s been for a while since you’ve got seen fashionable civilization), what does one do? the solution is take photos of course! The Snapchat app offers you all the “cool” options that build your photos stand out. for example, you’ll be able to take a fast image of what is happening around you and add a touch text. the important cool issue is that you just not solely will add text however you’ll be able to size the text and even add colours to present it a touch a lot of flavor. as an example, if you happen to check and take an image of someone falling, then add the text “POW!” for else bonus comedy impact. Another neat feature of Snapchat is that when you’ve gottaken an image, {you will|you’ll|you’ll be able to} add it into your “story” mode and everyone that is been else as an addict in your Snapchat can see your image for twenty-four hours – no got to manually send it to everybody in your contacts!

Use videos for your story

Don’t feel like causing pictures? however regarding taking a brief video instead? With the Snapchat app, you’ll be able to be the director of your own story whereas you’re having the time of your life exploring new places. {the solely|the sole} draw back to the short video feature is that it’s very short – only regarding tenseconds value of recording. however this is often not a drag for a savvy videographer like yourself, right? Another attention-grabbing issue {you will|you’ll|you’ll be able to} do with this app is that you just can customise your video or image on the fly. this suggests you do not have to be compelled to mess with laptop applications like Adobe Photoshop or Windows film maker to customise your video or image.

Snapchat has alternative options that makes it a perfect app to play with for everybody that loves photos. determine nowadays what you’ll be able to do with Snapchat and build your own stories


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