There ar over one.5 million applications on Apple Store. the share of apps rejected by Apple once a year is over fifty fifth and every one such applications ar rejected for a few reasons. However, if you’re aiming todevelop a mobile app for your business promotion and mercantilism, make certain you are doing all the items needed for the approval.

Basic Things That Can Help An App To Get Accepted On App Store
Basic Things That Can Help An App To Get Accepted On App Store

The following is that the list of things that should be thought-about so the appliance gets approved on iTunes.


Every detail must be crammed. short data is one in every of the outstanding reasons that result inrejection. consultants say that each feature of the app should be clearly detailed and directions shouldeven be provided if the appliance is meant to be utilized in a particular means. it’s additionally useful to produce a demo video so as to convey the correct thanks to install and tack together.


The app must be tested completely as a result of Apple doesn’t settle for apps containing any bug or error. per the reports, over 8 May 1945 apps reject because of this reason. so as to form positive that the app is free from potential errors and bugs, you wish to sign in a couple of beta testers. Through beta testing, you’llfacilitate your application become bug-free.


Apple puts robust stress on apps that ar appealing, straightforward to navigate and easy to use. In fact, Apple puts apps with a good user-interface within the featured list of the App Store. Therefore, it’s the advice of mobile app development consultants that the app should not have complicated navigation.

Meta Data

You need to form positive that you just add relevant Meta knowledge of your app to the shop. Meta knowledge embrace app’s name, description and app’s screen shots. The Meta knowledge should match the content and practicality of the app so the shop doesn’t realize something unsuitable.

App’s Name

It is important to pay careful attention to the name of the app as a result of the app gets recognized with its name. several apps get rejected as a result of their name doesn’t match therewith within the store and device. Therefore, the app name must be identical in iTunes and therefore the device.

Hence, on top of ar the rules to urge the app accepted on iTunes. Besides that, it’s additionally suggestedby consultants to not submit similar apps repeatedly to avoid frequent rejection. you wish to form positivethat your app incorporates a valuable content or practicality for your target users.


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