VibeWrite seems like a traditional pen. however this pen is intelligent enough to observe the mistakes liketypos, unnatural phrases, etc.

VibeWrite With All Information & Features 2018
VibeWrite With All Information & Features 2018

It starts moving within the hand once the user makes writing system mistakes whereas writing on a chunk of paper. a gaggle of researchers from Muenchen had developed this intelligent pen. Since its initial development, the image has undergone many rounds of testing and structural revamp to create its use straightforward. Despite the positive reviews within the media, the response to the present intelligent pen was rather muted among the purchasers. Hence, it had undergone many rounds of feature enhancements to create it additional enticing to the folks.

New Radical style for VibeWrite

The Munich-based developers appear to possess understood the mistakes and failures within the past models. So, they need launched a brand new promoting campaign within the on-line setting to project the newest product in an exceedingly new light-weight. now around this intelligent pen has recent and clean style that’s capable of delivering a crisp message across the board to the users. once the novel modificationin style, the developers were able to raise a corpus of 451000 pounds on Seematch web site, that could be awelcome development.

Features of VibeWrite

The intelligent pen has aboard alittle pc chip, that has some capabilities of the processor seen in Smartphones. It will observe the movements of hand fingers of the owner to inform that words area unitbeing misspelled. This time, the pen comes with Associate in Nursing open program Interface (API). Hence, alternatives will develop other applications supported this API to boost its functionalities. within the earlier versions, this straightforward improvement wasn’t attainable. If the pen clicks within the market, the developers area unit reaching to introduce varied alternative models like VibeWrite workplace, VibeWrite Gastro and VibeWrite Medical to cater to the wants of assorted customers. The pen additionally supports knowledge and memory. These options facilitate kids to develop handwriting ability while not abundant of parental supervising. it’s additionally capable of supporting folks with learning difficulties like learning disability, because it suggests the thanks to move forward. those that need to check a second language may use this intelligent pen to find out it. the applying accesses the training curve and suggests the module for learning sweetening. In short, it offers another thanks to do things within the era of bit screen and writing based mostly process while not parental or knowledgeable supervising.


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