In a recent article featured on, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is delineated as associate degreeinevitable element of the evolving workplace scheme. within the same article, a data point borrowed from associate degree IBM study & reveals that eighty one of organizations rumored their staff square measurevictimization their personal mobile devices to attach to “company resources”. If you’re associate degree Abmeasuring device or the top of IT, this data point most likely conjures fears of rampant network security risks.

Is Compliant BYOD A Secure Network Computing ?
Is Compliant BYOD A Secure Network Computing ?

But BYOD does not essentially equate to network security issues. supported the present trend of victimization mobile devices within the geographical point – secure, network compliant BYOD solutions square measure virtually bound to arrive within the terribly close to future. it’s up to technology innovators to satisfy the market demand by developing, testing, vetting, and group action the product to stay up with the trends we tend to see around United States of America. In short, embrace the dynamic geographical point dynamics – and therefore the product that support them – is probably going the sole approachforward.

Like any different turbulent trend in technology, there square measure growing pains within the adoption section. one in every of the most important growing pains for BYOD within the geographical point is security. thus what will a secure BYOD answer look like?

We have known three key criteria for secure, network compliant BYOD solutions.

1. Routable TCP/IP Traffic with Adjustable Base Ports

The quality of the many company and field networks is commonly matched solely by their individuation. After all, the numerous subnets and VLANs enclosed on the enterprise network were started to serve the distinctive needs of the particular organization. thus the chance of the other enterprise having a similarnetwork setup is infinitesimally tiny. are often} why it is so necessary that BYOD answers that hit the network feature routable TCP/IP traffic with adjustable base ports – that the solution can be designed flexibly to suit the network while not making extra, gratuitous work for the IT department. this can be conjointlynecessary so as to avoid violating IT policy, that might veto the preparation altogether.

2. dominant Access from all those Devices

Another security risk related to BYOD revolves round the regulation of access within the geographical pointonce these devices square measure supported on the network. To use a standard use case as associate degree example, if a wireless BYOD presentation is going down within the room, however does one stopuninvited users from sharing content to from their device and disrupting the meeting?

For this reason, access management is our second criteria for BYOD solutions. an answer to the currentchallenge would be to supply multiple access modes that may be set in-room or remotely. Access might then even be secured by associate degree admin or left up to users within the area to see once starting a session. in addition, access management choices may well be dynamic, which implies they may be modified throughout a gathering while not interrupting the flow of data announce to the shared show.

In addition to those modes, it’d be ideal if any session may well be closed once beat attending have joined. this mixture of access management choices creates secure access for nearly each form of meeting and use case.

3. Remote/Centralized Management

It’s a laborious truth that almost all technology crashes at some purpose or another, and people crashes will cause massive problems for the IT department and therefore the network. that is why remote/centralized management is such a very important issue for BYOD solutions, particularly giantdeployments.

Not having the power to observe, configure, and update BYOD solutions on your network from a remote/centralized work station makes larger, additional complicated deployments troublesome to manage. Ideally, there would be how to support remote/centralized management of each instance across the network. Network directors might then monitor, configure, and update settings for any/all instances from their digital computer anyplace on the network.

With BYOD changing into a customary in work areas, security is and can stay a preponderating concern and thought for evaluating new solutions. the simplest solutions with work along with your existing network and create it (relatively) simple for your IT department to firmly deploy, monitor, and manage the system. BYOD presents several inherent risks, however several of those risks will and may be addressed by solutions that job inside secure network environments.

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